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Trading Group Membership

There are two (2) different memberships available:

1. Basic with Dave "The Fib Doctor" Busick. Follow me here.

2. Advanced with well known swing trader, Mike "Bottom Line Trades" Scott. Follow me here.

Mike and myself work together to show you trades from scalps to day trades to swing trades.

Open House – Free

2 days - See the benefits of our Trading Group membership by attending our monthly "Open House" at no cost. You'll see us charting and trading the major index futures.

To attend our open house, held once a month, send an email to and we'll notify you in advance of the open house days.

Starter Membership – Free

This membership level is available for anyone who is studying with Dave or Mike on their respective methods.

Members will have access to:

  • Charts, analysis and projections.
  • Private Skype access (Mike only)
  • E-mail access.
  • Weekend updates (Mike only)
  • After training, you may join the Trading Group on a full-time basis via the Basic or Advanced Membership.

Basic Membership – $199/Month - Access to Dave's Room

  • This membership level is for members that have been trained by Dave on his method, or
  • Elected to opt out of any training, but have purchased the Study Guide outlining Dave's Fibonacci method.
  • You will not have access to Mike's private Skype chat, weekend updates or alerts.

Basic members will have access to:

  • Live 15 minute, 1 hour, 4 hour and daily charts.
  • Any equity or futures chart, on any time frame, with support, resistance and target levels upon request.
  • Daily target, support and resistance levels not available to the public.
  • 1 on 1 phone support.
  • Please keep in mind, that with no training, you will have access to the Trading Group, but may have difficulty understanding the method.
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Advanced Membership – $99/month for 1st month and $249/month thereafter - Access to both Mike and Dave's rooms.

This membership level is only available for members that have completed training by Mike on his method(s).

Advanced members will have access to:

  • All live charts, analysis and projections not available to the public.
  • Private Skype access with Mike.
  • E-mail access.
  • Daily chat access.
  • Weekend updates and alerts.
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If you'd like to enroll into our Starter or Advanced Membership for full access to the site. Please contact or if you are interested in training.

Thank you and best wishes in your trading !

Mike and Dave

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